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Your Next Customer Lives on Social Media

4B people, or roughly half the world's population, use social media. In a 2019 survey, 65% of consumers said they find at least one new brand or product a week from a social media peer or influencer, while 80% of consumers have made a purchase by clicking on a social media link.

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Find Them With A.I.

Social intelligence is the capacity to know oneself and others. While artificial social intelligence (ASI) might sound like an oxymoron, the massive volumes of data collected from online social interactions can in fact give AI an advantage when it comes to identifying the social media content and social networks that will drive sales. Combined with human intelligence, ASI can create new channels of customer growth.

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How It Works

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1. Describe Your Customer

Describe your ideal customer. Our AI will look for social media users who fit that profile and identify potential influencers for your product who are mostly likely to drive sales.

2. Set Your Budget

Set a marketing budget that's right for you. We'll make sure you get the highest ROI for your spend, up to 10x higher than PPC. You'll save countless hours of price negotiations.

3. Track Your Performance

Track ROI and do deep dives to find out which posts and influencers are generating the most conversions. This helps you refine your future campaigns to achieve more successful results.

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