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Our Story was founded with the mission of making machine learning technology accessible to to small and medium businesses (SMBs) who couldn't hire Physics PhDs from MIT. We experimented with several different applications until we discovered that AI can make social media marketing 10x better. Thanks to the data-rich environment, and the channel's enormous potential for driving online sales, we love what we do and make sure our customers do too.

Our Principles

These principles guide us as we navigate complex and uncertain environments.

Embrace Smart Failure

To succeed, one must fail. We believe failure should be intentional, fast, and resourceful. Our principle is to know exactly what we're testing in advance, so we can glean the most learning from every failure.

Be Right

Startups make a lot of decisions that can make or break their success. Our goal is to "be right" by consciously fighting confirmation bias and not being afraid to change our minds and actions when the data speaks.


To produce work with the highest excellence, we look for people who care. This means caring deeply about our customers, coworkers, and building a great product.