What You Can Do With Prune.ai

Run a Paid Sponsorship Campaign

You can use our platform to run a paid sponsorship campaign with nano-advocates (AKA real people, not celebrities). A nano-advocate with ~10k followers have an average audience engagement rate of 7% and generally cost $100 in sponsorship fees per post, while mega-advocates with ~1M followers have just 0.7% engagement rate and cost $10k or more per post. So, by paying $10k for 100 nano-advocates, you get the same reach as you would with 1 mega-advocate, but create 10x the engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Target Product Giveaways

Don't have the budget for paid sponsorships? Try a product giveaway. When running giveaways, companies often aren't sure which advocates are best suited for the product, so they take a "spray and pray" approach. This usually ends up being a costly mistake. Even with a great product, brands who don't target their giveaways often get "ghosted" by people who receive the products but never post a review. Prune.ai helps you reduce this risk by targeting vetted advocates who already love your product or have expressed enthusiasm for a similar product on social media.

Kickstart Your Affiliate or Referral Marketing Program

Do you know which of your customers can refer social media followers that would buy your product or service? We do. If you've already had success acquiring new customers through referrals or affiliate links, you'll have many times more success when you leverage AI to find the right advocates. And if you've never tried referral or affiliate marketing before, Prune.ai can help you kickstart your program with a greater chance of success.

Find Branding Experts

Content creators are experts at creating compelling images and videos, writing product descriptions, and helping your product resonate with your customers. One of the best places to find them is social media. With Prune.ai you can solve the challenge of creating a private label or direct-to-consumer product by leveraging the talent of the right creators and branding experts sourced from social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

What Our Customers Love

Drastically Reduce The Time-To-Impact of Your Campaign

Our customers are shocked at just how fast they can achieve results with Prune.ai. Before using Prune.ai, marketers had to browse through hundreds or even thousands of social media profiles manually, painstakingly message each person, and keep up with the correspondence on email or DM. Now, AI can do the hard work for you. In addition, getting social media advocates to promote your product or content is much faster than doing all the marketing in-house.

Save on Costly Sponsorship & Placement Fees

We're able to offer customers a more affordable solution because we're a tech company, not an agency. We don't employ large teams of people to evaluate and enlist advocates - that's done with AI. We help our customers save on sponsorship fees by finding passionate fans who are willing to promote their product or service for free, as well as by matching them with the highest ROI advocates if they're running a paid campaign. The depth and multi-dimensionality of our data allows us to train complex models like deep neural networks to assess the match between our customer and a social media user.

Scale Your Campaigns Without Extra Hiring

Before using Prune.ai, our customers had to hire more community managers to run their social media campaigns as they scaled. With Prune.ai, you can work with one advocate or thousands of advocates without any changes to your workflow. Our technology can enlist thousands of advocates in a single campaign, making it easy to scale along with your business. As advocates help you grow, you'll want to work with more advocates. This creates a flywheel that benefits all parties.

Success Stories

These businesses have all excelled by leveraging social media advocates as their primary marketing channel.

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    How Urban Skin Rx Tripled Their Sales with One TikTok Influencer

    "The team uncovered that TikTok had been the source of the sales increase after a single user, Ashley Boggs (@niceoneashley), posted a before-and-after testimonial about the brand’s hero product."

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    How Daniel Wellington Built a $200M Business by Giving Out Free Watches

    DW has given out free watches to thousands of advocates... This organic channel has helped the brand sell over a million watches.

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    How a Gamer Sold $3M of His Sponsors' Products Through Links on Twitch

    "You’re sitting there going, ‘This is the guy who makes the decision about whether my company succeeds or fails?’ First you’re angry. But then you’re terrified.”

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